Public Policy

chronicling the dropout crisis and other issues

A Teachable Moment

LABOR WATCH The insolvency of the National Education Association's Indiana affiliate  also offers a glimpse into the increasingly expensive compensation packages that have made teaching the best-compensated field in the public sector -- and why taxpayers can no longer afford the cost.

Reform-Minded Money

FOUNDATION WATCH The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has become the prime funder of the nation's school reform movement, putting money, media and star power behind its efforts. But the Microsoft co-founder's philanthropy has learned the hard way that school reform isn't easy.

The BlackBerry Kid

LABOR WATCH The promise of -- and politics behind -- Michelle Rhee's teacher quality reforms in D.C.

Political Roadblocks to Quality Data: The Case of California

FROM A BYTE AT THE APPLE: RE-THINKING EDUCATION DATA FOR THE POST-NCLB ERA For education reformers and officials in other states – many of which are facing similar problems – California offers lessons on how not to improve school data.

Making Sense of the Dollars: Reporting on Higher Education Budget Cuts

HECHINGER INSTITUTE ON EDUCATION AND THE MEDIA Another recession, another round of cuts in state aid for America's state universities -- which leads the schools to increase tuition and use financial aid to lure wealthier students. So where does that leave aspiring low-income and minority students?

Invisible Ink in Collective Bargaining Agreements

NATIONAL COUNCIL ON TEACHER QUALITY It isn't the teacher contract that just governs teacher pay and work rules. It's state laws that shape teacher contract negotiations.

L.A.'s Hidden Economy

The informal economic forces shaping the nation's second-largest city.